We have printed textiles patterned with visually nonrepresentational geometric designs. 

We chose geometric patterns for its global appeal and for the simple purpose of allowing the Randmas Woman and man to represent themselves their way through the quiet elegance and sophistication of the geometric design. 

Geometry is intellectual, and we believe the Randmas person, the contemporary African person is an intellectual, elegant and sophisticated. 

They are globally and culturally aware. 

These are the people we design for. 

This is what the Randmas Geometric collection is meant for. 

We aim to be the go to brand for modern African designed and printed fabrics that tell stories of the contemporary African. 


At Randmas Textiles, we believe in projecting the sophisticated Africa. 

We believe in representing this sophistication through our exclusive designs printed on top quality fabrics. We are a Textile design and manufacturing company focusing on the art of printed textiles.

At Randmas Textiles we design and print our fabrics. This means unique and exclusive designed fabrics just for you. We print in limited quantities to avoid over saturation of the same designs which our customers appreciate and respect. Once our stock are finished, we don't reprint the same designs. 

This promise of exclusivity and quality has kept our current customers happy and loyal.

With everything we do, we believe in representing the African Sophistication. 

We achieve this Sophistication by printing top quality fabrics with designs that capture the contemporary Africa, inspired by retro and modern African style. 

This is what we believe in, this is what we do. 

Do you believe in a contemporary Africa? 

Do you believe in a sophisticated African style? 

Join us in representing a contemporary and sophisticated African style through Randmas Textiles.

We aim to establish a unique and updated fabric experience to sophisticated and elegant Nigerians within and beyond the diaspora. Nigerians are very sophisticated and elegant and we will like our Nigerians to have access to modern and contemporary designed fabrics to further fit into the global fashion community.